Transitioning to High School

Transitioning to High School

As much as we would love to teach Legacy students forever, eventually they do have to graduate and move on to great new things. One of our goals is to make sure every student that comes to Legacy is prepared to succeed in high school, and beyond. Many families come to Legacy looking for a supportive environment for their students to grow and flourish. After years of watching students build a love of learning, increase confidence in their reading skills, and form close bonds with the community, the high school transition can create anxiety. Every year Legacy hosts an event for 7th grade parents to help them navigate the process of leaving Legacy, and help them prepare for high school as their students enter their final year at Legacy.

Whether Legacy students move onto public or private high schools, we are here to support them in the journey. In 8th grade students continued to receive individualized instruction through tutoring and small group classes. Students working below grade level in subjects are given additional time in those subjects to build the foundational skills needed for high school course work. 8th graders that meet benchmarks for grade level are given high school prep work, helping them develop additional study skills so they are ready for the increased work load that comes in high school. Legacy will schedule time to discuss individual student plans for high school, as our students are located in different counties, and have different goals for the future.

For students hoping to return to public school, Legacy does everything we can to make sure they are prepared for the large class sizes and instructional changes. We encourage families to have outside support, such as an attorney, ready to advocate for your child’s unique learning needs. It is important that Legacy students and parents understand the accommodations used by a student when testing and completing work, as they will need to consistently request these supports during their time at public school. This is an important skill for all Legacy students, as these accommodations can continue to be used in college, trade school, and even when taking their driver’s exam! At Legacy, we want every student to know the importance of using tools and support to be successful, and the power of advocating for your own needs.

Other students and families may prefer to attend another private school for high school. The process for private schools is complicated, but Legacy is here to support families through every step. In fact, the reason we start meeting with families at the end of 7th grade is to give everyone time to look for high schools, and begin the steps of applying. There are extensive requirements for most private high schools, and especially for students that need accommodations to thrive. Listed below are some important things to know about the procedures for applying to private high schools.

  • Schedule Psychoeducational evaluation for the Fall of 8th grade. Sometimes the waiting list is months long, so start contacting Doctors or services early.
  • Legacy can provide families with a list of evaluators that have worked with our students before, but also check with your insurance provider.
  • These evaluations last for a few years. Taking one in 8th grade can ensure your student receives accommodations for SAT testing later in high school.
  • Apply to at least 3 different schools. It is always good to have options for your student, and as you learn more about the schools in the process you may find a better fit for your student.
  • Legacy will help your student practice for school interviews, and write admissions essays. Please give us a few weeks warning before deadlines though as we can best support your student when we have time to work within their individual needs.
  • Some private schools will have additional testing, and it will be challenging. We help prepare our students for these exams, but they are not structured for students with dyslexia, ADHD, or diverse learning needs in mind. These difficult tests will not keep your student from attending or prospering in high school.
  • There is a lot of paperwork associated with the transition, so please keep us informed, and give us plenty of time to complete the workload. Legacy staff and parents are a team through the transition, and supporting our needs helps us to better support you and your student.


No matter where the future takes Legacy students, we are proud of helping them on their way. Legacy equips students with reading, writing, math, and social skills to achieve great things when they leave. We are here to support our families through tricky transitions, and love to hear about the amazing lives our students continue to lead.