Our History

A Letter from Our Founder
Jamie Caplan

Founder, Head of School

In the spring of 2011, I gathered with a group of concerned parents, experienced educators and child advocates to discuss the future of several talented and bright students struggling with dyslexia and other related language-based learning differences.

We shared a simple, unified vision: children with dyslexia deserve the opportunity to succeed and flourish. As a result of our collective efforts, we created a school where teachers have the freedom to tailor their instruction to serve the unique learning needs of each student. When Legacy opened its doors in 2011, it became evident that the results of our efforts were far greater than we had imagined.


Students with learning differences should not wonder why they aren’t learning. They shouldn’t feel inadequate when they can’t read like their peers. They don’t have to pretend to understand or fake their way through a traditional school so they aren’t laughed at or scolded or embarrassed. These students need a loving, caring, nurturing community that takes their hands and gives them the tools they need to thrive. They need a program that is tailored to the challenges they face individually with faculty dedicated to their understanding, their accomplishments, their successes. They need the Legacy School.


The hallmark of the Legacy School is our nurturing environment and individualized instruction from a large, specialized staff of 40 faculty members. Our unique program provides a teacher-student ratio of 1:3 and daily, personalized 1:1 tutoring for all students who read below grade level. Our tutors utilize the Orton-Gillingham methodology, teaching each student to effectively decode and encode the English Language. The tutors take their time to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each Legacy student, and also serve as advisor and advocate.

Whether they come to us in the primary grades or in middle school, these wonderful, bright children are finally in a place where their learning style is understood and respected.

Whether students remain enrolled at Legacy for three years or from primary levels up to eighth grade, they learn to merge their skills and content to master the tools they need to be successful at their local public school, private school or a specialized high school, depending on where they are in their journey, and continue to be lifelong learners.


Legacy is a special place for exceptional children and an exceptional faculty, the most dedicated, skilled and caring group of educators these students can ever hope to meet. We encourage you to come visit our campus. You can meet our pet turtles, observe a 1:1 Orton-Gillingham tutoring lesson, build a boat that floats in science class, and practice your math facts in shaving cream.


Come see for yourself how we foster a commitment to lifelong learning in each of our students.

Jamie Caplan

“Harrison is reaching his full potential due to the school’s amazing one of a kind staff and curriculum. Since starting his education at Legacy, he has gained a new found confidence in his academic abilities. We are honored, fortunate and blessed our son and family is a part of Legacy’s wonderful community. “
Adam G. and Justine M.
The Legacy School Timeline
  • The Founding

    Jamie Caplan, Diane Simms, Kaye Saracino and a group of concerned parents and experienced educators met to discuss the future needs of several talented and bright students struggling with dyslexia and other related language-based learning differences. Recognizing the only way to tailor instruction to meet their unique needs, Jamie opened the Legacy School in Sykesville later in the year to serve 17 students.

  • Finding A Home

    The Main Building became the campus for 17 students seeking a better education. Here students would learn from teachers and tutors dedicated to their specific learning needs.

  • Room to Grow

    The early days of Legacy inspired the founders to expand the school's reach over the coming years.

  • Expanding

    An addition was added to the main building for offices and classroom space.

  • Serving Students

    As Legacy's reputation expanded so did our student population. We had grown from 17 to 50 students in just two years.

  • Arts are Important

    A dedicated art room was part of the school's expansion. Supporting students to be creative and appreciative of the arts has always been a priority at Legacy.

  • A New Building

    Legacy School purchased a home next door to the main building. We call it the Admissions House, although it is used for so much more.

  • Space to Grow

    The new building housed offices and services, and allowed classrooms in the main building to expand.

  • Every Place is Purposeful

    The garage of the Admissions House first served a physical education space in poor weather. Now it is used for recess and breaks during rain.

  • Making Changes to Meet Student Needs

    The leaders at Legacy recognized that more scaffolding was required to meet the needs of our elementary aged students.

  • The Beginning of Primary

    A new curriculum and schedule were created for primary students, giving the youngest Legacy learners distinct developmental supports and curriculum.

  • Building a Strong Foundation

    Students in Primary and Primary Plus have lessons and tutoring that focus on building strong foundational reading and math skills. The strong foundation sets them up for success when they are ready to transition to upper elementary classes.

  • More Buildings for More Learning!

    A second home was purchased on the campus to continue expansion. It provides space for parking, storage, and for a time, the art room.

  • More Students and More Fun!

    Legacy reached 80 enrolled students. These students come from many counties around Maryland and Pennsylvania.

  • Developing a Reputation for Excellence

    Legacy's reputation is the reason for our quick growth. Families bring students to Legacy because they know we will meet their needs and develop a love of learning.

  • Breaking Ground

    The site of a barn became the location to begin building another classroom space.

  • Learning at a Distance

    Like many schools, Legacy had to learn to work around virtual learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

  • Working Hard to Meet Challenges

    Legacy staff and faculty continued to pour into students, and provide the best quality instruction despite the challenges of 2020.

  • Brand New Barn

    We officially opened our new building, named ``The Barn`` after the previous structure.

  • A Space for Upper Elementary

    With new classrooms, tutoring rooms, cubbies, a community space, and outdoor cafe, we are able to better teach students at their level of learning.

  • Each Student is Important

    Expanding our campus gives us the space for small classes, and one-on-one tutoring. Our staff knows students personally, and deeply, building trust and connection for improved learning.

  • Moving Forward

    With 97 students Legacy is almost at capacity! We want to continue building bright futures for our students.

  • Continuing to Grow

    You can support the growth of Legacy and our ability to teach more students by donating.

  • What Happens Next?

    We plan on continuing to build the legacy of Legacy! With the support of families, donors, and alumni we can help every learner achieve great things!