Teacher Appreciation 2024

Teacher Appreciation 2024

May 6 through May 10, 2024 is National Teacher Appreciation Week. At Legacy, we appreciate the dedication of our teachers everyday of the year, but love having a special reason to celebrate their amazing work. Here are just a few of the reasons that Legacy is thankful for our amazing faculty.

Legacy teachers and tutors are scholars too.
Legacy staff participate in trainings, and some earn certifications in Orton-Gillingham instruction. This requires course work and training in the Summer and school year. Our staff are consistently developing their knowledge-base by taking a variety of professional development courses in order to best support students with language based learning disabilities, while immersing themselves themselves in best practices for our students. Aside from Orton-Gillingham training, staff is trained in LiPS, On Cloud 9, Talkies, Visualizing & Verbalizing, Framing Your Thoughts, Paragraphology, Upper-Level Orton-Gillingham Coursework, and more.

Legacy teachers and tutors care deeply about our students.
Every teacher and tutor at Legacy works to build strong and trusting relationships with the students. Tutors see students one-on-one everyday, and form bonds that encourage students to be brave and persistent in their work. Teachers create welcoming environments, where kids feel seen, heard, and respected by adults and peers. When a student has a struggle, teachers at Legacy work together to find solutions and opportunities for that student to flourish. Legacy staff pride themselves on modeling kind, driven, and resilient behavior for students.

Legacy teachers and tutors have growth mindsets.
A growth mindset is key to the excellent work done at Legacy. A growth mindset means someone understands that people can always change and adapt if they are willing to try. Many students come to Legacy with struggles in reading, writing, and mathematics. Our teachers and tutors don’t assume that these students are less than their peers, and instead use the Legacy curriculum to help students achieve great things. Sometimes students show-up with a fixed mindset, stuck in routines and hurts from previous schools, but our staff work hard to help these students learn from mistakes, build reading skills, and see for themselves how much growth they can make with the right support.

Legacy teachers and tutors help one another.
Teaching is hard work, even with extraordinary students like the ones at Legacy. Luckily, our terrific teachers are always there to support one another and lend a hand when needed. Teachers and tutors run errands across campus for each other, step in when quick breaks are needed, and give each other sensational ideas for inspiring and engaging students. Teamwork is modeled for Legacy scholars everyday in all the ways our staff encourages one another.

Legacy teachers and tutors are fun!
If you visit any classroom at Legacy, you will see joy in the students and staff. Teachers and tutors use games and multi-sensory activities to create a tremendous sense of wonder for our students. Having fun while teaching makes it easy for our faculty to captivate the imaginations and developing minds of students. Kids are excited to come to Legacy everyday, and it is all because of the fun that teachers bring to every activity and experience at school.

This is just a short list of the amazing things Legacy teachers do to shape young minds every day. The monumental growth of our scholars could not be possible without the continual guidance and instruction of our staff. We appreciate all the love, care, and commitment our teachers and tutors show to our community!

Thank you for everything you do!