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In consideration of the acceptance of this Enrollment Agreement by and between The Legacy School, Inc., a Maryland corporation (hereinafter “the School”) and the undersigned for the 2024-2025 school year, the undersigned agree to pay the full tuition in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Enrollment Agreement and/or with the terms and conditions of this agreement in conjunction with any financial aid award received. The Non-Refundable Registration Fee of 10% Total Annual Tuition must be paid directly to the School.

The balance of Total Annual Tuition may be paid in one lump sum directly to the School by August 30, 2024. Otherwise, the tuition balance must be paid with one of the payment schedules (2-pay, 4-pay, 6-pay or 10-pay) offered by the school, utilizing only a direct debit payment method selected by the School. Bills for books, supplies, speech-language pathology, bus service, Parent’s Association fees and other incidental charges (collectively, but without limitation, these incidental charges are referred to as “Incidental Charges”) are billed directly by the School and are due and payable to the School upon billing. A $35.00 late fee is due to the school if the undersigned’s invoice for Incidental Charges is not paid within thirty (30) days of the date of invoice.

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II. Non-Refundable Registration Fee (10% deposit due at the time of signing–will be automatically billed through FACTS):

Balance of tuition due after deposit: $26,393.16
$400.00 technology fee also billed on August 1, 2024

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III. We, the undersigned, understand that the obligation to pay the Total Annual Tuition for the full academic year is unconditional. We also understand that the School, in reserving a place for this Student, is relying upon our promise to pay the tuition as it budgets the school year for all the students and no portion of the tuition paid or due will be refunded or canceled notwithstanding the subsequent absence, withdrawal, or dismissal from the school. We further understand that the School has the right to withhold transcripts and records, disallow the Student to continue to attend classes, cancel parent/teacher conferences, take any examination or participate in any extracurricular activities unless or until tuition and other charges are paid to date. We understand that a LATE FEE of $35.00 per month will be applied to all payments thirty (30) days after the due date.

IV. The School believes that a positive and constructive working relationship between the school and the Student’s parent(s) is essential to the fulfillment of the School’s mission. Therefore, the School reserves the right not to continue enrollment or not to re-enroll the Student if the school concludes that the actions of a parent(s) or guardian(s) (whether such parent or guardian is a party to this Enrollment Agreement, or not) make such a positive or constructive relationship impossible or seriously interfere with the School’s accomplishment of its educational purposes. If a parent or guardian behaves in a hostile manner towards any staff or engages in behavior that undermines the teacher-student relationship, they will be notified by the School that they are on probation with reference to this clause. Should the difficulty in forging a positive and constructive relationship between school and home continue, this clause will be immediately invoked, and the decision of the School in these regards shall be final. There will be no refund of Total Annual Tuition, or any portion thereof, where such enforced withdrawal occurs and any unpaid balance is payable in full at the time of the decision.

By initialing here the undersigned acknowledge that a positive and constructive working relationship between the school and the Student’s parent(s) is essential to the fulfillment of the School’s mission as explained in paragraph IV.

V. The School reserves the right to remove a Student at any time if the Student’s effort, progress, conduct or influence on campus are not keeping in with the School’s standards. Those standards are set forth in the Mission Statement and Philosophy of the School contained in the Family Handbook, which the undersigned agrees to follow. There will be no refund of Total Annual Tuition or any portion thereof where such enforced withdrawal occurs and any unpaid balance of Total Annual Tuition and/or Incidental Charges is payable in full at time of withdrawal.

VI. Unless terminated earlier by the School in accordance with the terms of this Enrollment Agreement, the term of this Enrollment Agreement (the “Term”) shall commence on the Effective Date, as defined below, and shall expire upon the Student’s graduation or upon the Student leaving the school. Successful completion of the current Academic Year, however, is required for re-enrollment of the Student for the next Academic Year.

VII. The Non-Refundable Registration Fee of 10% of the Total Annual Tuition for the renewed upcoming school year is due upon signature of this contract. If the deposit is not paid, but an Enrollment Agreement is submitted to the business office of the School nonetheless, then there will be a late charge of $35.00 for each month or part ofthe month the payment is not received. In addition, failure to pay the deposit timely may jeopardize enrollment for the Student for the upcoming school year.

VIII. The undersigned shall have the right to cancel this Enrollment Agreement or a renewal after paying the 10% Non-Refundable Registration Fee. In that case, an additional cancellation fee of 5% of full tuition for each month or part of a month is assessed after June 1 based on when the cancellation notice is received. The maximum possible tuition owed for cancellation after June 1 is 25% of the full tuition (10% non-refundable registration fee plus 5% of the full tuition for each of the three months (15% of the full tuition). The notice that this Enrollment Agreement is canceled must be received by the School’s business office before August 1 of the upcoming school year. Cancellation notice and payment of prorated Total Annual Tuition as set forth in this Section VIII must be sent to School by certified mail, messenger, or delivery service so that delivery can be tracked and verified. Confirmation of receipt of the notice to cancel this Enrollment Agreement shall be confirmed by the School in writing in a letter to the undersigned. If all applicable fees are not paid in full and the proper notice given by August 1, the undersigned will be responsible for payment of the full tuition for the upcoming school year. These strict provisions are required in order to allow the School to budget properly to serve all students effectively.

IX. The School’s acceptance of this Enrollment Agreement is contingent upon the Student’s satisfactory completion of the current school year and the Parent(s)’ or Guardian(s)’ satisfactory discharge of all outstanding financial obligations. Student may not attend the first semester classes if his\her Total Annual Tuition account or Incidental Charges account have an outstanding balance. Students may not attend class at any time there is an outstanding balance for Total Annual Tuition payments or outstanding balance on the student’s Incidental Charges that is over sixty (60) days late. Unpaid bills at Academic Year’s end preclude release of transcripts to other institutions and\or year end reports of grades to parents. Eighth graders who have outstanding balances may not participate in graduation exercises.

By initialing here the undersigned acknowledge that transcripts, diplomas, grades, and the like will not be released until all financial obligations under this Enrollment Agreement have been satisfied, including in the event of transfer to another institution.

X. Student and the undersigned give the School permission to use the Student’s name, written extractions, voice/video recordings, and photographs taken of or by the Student in the School’s publications and on the School’s website or social media sites for promotional uses. Permission also is hereby given for the School to use: (i) digital, photographic, video, and audio images or likenesses of the Student; and (ii) statements, articles, names, music, art, photographs, audio recordings, films and videos created by the Student or originating from the School or from School-related activity. Such authorization survives the term of this Agreement and serves as authority to use such material both during and after the Student is enrolled at the School.

XI. In the event of any failure or delay in the School’s performance under this Enrollment Agreement resulting from causes beyond the School’s reasonable control and occurring without its fault or negligence, including without limitation, force majeure, acts of God, fire, epidemic, pandemic, Government restrictions, wars, acts of terrorism, and insurrections, the tuition obligations under this Enrollment Agreement shall continue to extend and the School shall not be liable for any such failure or delay in its performance. The School can make changes, at its sole discretion, in curriculum and programming. The School has no obligation to modify, amend or otherwise provide alternative programs for Student missing school.

XII. The Enrollment Agreement is a contract creating a legal obligation to pay Total Annual Tuition. In most circumstances, both of the Student’s parents, if living, should be signatories, however, if there is only one signatory, that one signatory is assuming sole responsibility for the Student. If you have any questions, or if there are special circumstances of which the School should be aware, please call the School business office.

XIII. The Effective Date of this Enrollment Agreement is the date it is accepted by the School after it is signed by the undersigned parties who are financially responsible for payment to the School for the student’s enrollment.

XIV. The undersigned shall pay to the School all costs and expenses, including reasonable fees charged by an attorney or collection agency, incurred by the School in connection to the enforcement of, or preservation of any terms or rights under this Enrollment Agreement, this provision includes, among other rights, and is not limited to the collection of Total Annual Tuition, Incidental Charges, fees, and execution of any and all other terms of the Enrollment Agreement.

XV. This Enrollment Agreement and the validity thereof shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Maryland.

XVI. Should any provision or provisions of this Enrollment Agreement be found or declared unenforceable or void by any court or competent tribunal for any reason, the remaining provisions shall be severable and fully enforceable.

XVII. By signing and executing this Enrollment Agreement, the undersigned acknowledge that they understand the terms of this Enrollment Agreement and had the opportunity before signing to seek legal counsel regarding the terms and conditions of this Enrollment Agreement.

XVIII. Any changes to this Enrollment Agreement will not be binding on the undersigned or the School unless such changes are acknowledged in writing by all parties hereto.

IX. In the event any dispute arises between the parties to this contract which results in litigation or any other proceeding, only The Legacy School Inc., as the prevailing party, shall be reimbursed by the party not prevailing for all reasonable costs and expenses, including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys' and experts' fees and costs incurred by the The Legacy School Inc. in connection with such litigation or other proceeding, and any appeal thereof.

XX. This Enrollment Agreement contains the entire understanding between the undersigned and the School with regard to the rights and obligations which each shall have under this Enrollment Agreement. There are no representatives, warranties, promises, covenants or undertakings, oral or otherwise, other than those expressly set forth herein.

XXI. The failure of the School at any time to observe and fully comply with the terms hereof, or the waiver of the School, at any time fully to enforce its rights hereunder, shall not impair the rights of the School thereafter fully enforce this Enrollment Agreement in all particulars.


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